I believe...

The core of UX is creating useful things. Good design requires just as much business savvy as it does aesthetic taste because if  a product is not inherently useful, it will never be usable.

I am a problem solver. I believe in simple design and the smart application of technology to create intuitive experiences with a light technical load. My job titles tend to fall in the user experience realm but my role incorporates far more, including helping craft requirements, defining user flows, designing wireframes, shaping user interfaces and helping troubleshoot technical issues that may come up in development. I am equally comfortable building a prototype in InVision or discussing a data structure with a full-stack engineer. I enjoy working collaboratively with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders. My philosophy is that the best design is often about the things we do not see in the interface.

Currently I am the only UX designer at SoulCycle, where I take the lead for UX on every digital project for both the consumer-facing site, soul-cycle.com, and the internal productivity software used by SoulCycle’s corporate staff and studio staff. Before SoulCycle I worked in the ad agency world, where I had the opportunity to work on numerous blue chip clients including Starwood Hotels, United Airlines, National Car Rental, Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Carnival Cruise Lines, DuPont, AMC TV, UEFA, and Discovery Channel.

Thanks to a circuitous educational and early-career path, I am also a polished presenter and writer. I welcome the opportunity to advocate for UX best practices both with clients as well as with internal leadership, and I enjoy presenting and pitching my own work. I also enjoy writing and, I’ve had the chance to write about technology, design and experience for uxmag.com and uxclub.com, and also enjoy sharing my thoughts on design and technology on Medium.

For more about my background, find me on LinkedIn or get in touch.