My philosophy is:

Good design is useful design. Design must be usable to be useful, and usable design is driven by empathy not ego.

Over the course of my career, I've found that the intersection between user needs and business opportunities is the sweet spot of design. To find that sweet spot, I believe in leveraging iterative design and the smart application of research and data to craft refine intuitive experiences. My job titles tend to fall in the user experience realm, but my role incorporates far more, including designing user interfaces, helping craft requirements, defining research strategies, leading user research initiatives, and helping troubleshoot technical issues to balance design with engineering concerns. I enjoy working collaboratively with developers, product managers, and other stakeholders.

Currently, I am the Experience Design Lead at artnet, a leading tech company in the fine art space. Prior to that, I was the first UX designer hired by the team at Harry’s, and before that I was the first digital designer at SoulCycle, handling both UX and UI design. I not only take the lead for UX, and increasingly UI, across a wide variety of projects and platforms but also serve as an evangelist for design and UX best practices throughout the organization. I have been integrally involved with virtually every aspect of all three design teams, from shaping project processes to helping recruit, interview, and assess design team candidates.

Thanks to a circuitous educational and early-career path, I am also a polished presenter and writer. I welcome the opportunity to advocate for UX best practices both with clients as well as with internal leadership, and I enjoy presenting and pitching my own work. I also enjoy writing, and I’ve had the chance to write about technology, design and user experience for A List Apart, and You can learn more about my writing here.

For more about my professional background or to get in touch, find me on LinkedIn.